What is Gate.io exchange? Registration Guide & Transactions on Gate.io

Gate.io is a new cryptocurrency trading website, operating since 2017 and aims to take over a portion of the crypto market by offering users coins of new projects. The website is also designed to help investors find specific information regarding both their preferred currency and general market trends.



Gate.io is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that started in 2017; The site is available in both English and Chinese and offers a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. There is currently very little information available about the company or team behind the exchange, although Gate.io is new, however the exchange has grown steadily and accounts for a significant amount of money trading. electronic everyday.

The exchange supports BTC, ETH, USDT and QTUM trading pairs. Gate.io’s daily trading volume is currently worth around $ 40 million with the majority of trading taking place in the form of BTC, ETH, EOS, BTM, ONT and USDT pairs.

Gate.io is currently accepting new registrations and accounts can be created for free.

main function

Functions – The trading platform is quite similar to other trading platforms. The website incorporates a number of functional features such as an order book, transaction history and charts. In addition, this Gate.io also offers a mobile application for both iOS and Android users.
Low fees – gate.io operates a low fee system, a 0.2% fee applies to all transactions made on the platform. Withdrawal fees are deducted from each particular asset and the amount of the fee depends on the digital currency you choose to withdraw.
Security – The exchange uses both cold storage and hot wallets to store money and client accounts securely using two-factor authentication and password combinations. CLASS login password is used to log in to your Gate.io account, while Cameron’s fund password is used to access withdrawals and transactions. The two passwords must be different and you should use a fixed IP internet service when setting the password.
Customer Support – Users can also submit questions to discuss more specific issues with the support team. The team is currently communicating with users in English or Chinese. The group was also assessed through their Twitter account and Telegram group.

Sign up for Gate.io
Go to their website and create an account by following the sign up process. You can open an account by clicking on New User Login Log In below the Login button. After doing this, you will be redirected to a registration page.

Here you can enter your username, email address, account password and fund password. You will also have a Captcha code to complete to complete the account creation.

By checking the User agreement box and clicking ‘Create an account’, you will complete the registration process and a confirmation email will be sent to the address you entered.

How to trade on Gate.io
You can select a trading pair on the homepage or from the top drop-down menu by clicking on the trade button below

Once you have selected a trading pair, the screen of the exchange transaction will be displayed. In the left column are tabs for BTC, ETH, USDT and QTUM ..

The center section contains charts and candlesticks for your current selection with the Buy and Sell boxes below

The right column shows global market information showing the prices other exchanges are trading at and below the current selling price and transaction history.

The interface is well designed with a clean interface and everything you need is easy to find.

You can place orders and trade on the platform

If you choose to cancel any open orders, you need to go to the Open Orders page from Wallet> Open Orders. Then assets locked in order are returned to your available balance.

Currencies are supported
While Gate.io does not offer a fiat trading option, it does provide access to more than 250 cryptocurrencies for crypto trading pairs. A wide range of digital currencies can be traded through BTC, ETH, USDT and QTUM.

The list of coins available at Gate.io includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, Qtum, OmiseGO, EOS, Zcash, and Dogecoin. …

Gate.io Fee
Gate.io outlines its fees here and the current fee structure as follows:

There are no deposit fees.
0.2% fee for transaction.
Withdrawal fees vary from currency to currency.

For most currencies, a fee is charged per transaction; regardless of the actual amount you are withdrawing.

The withdrawal page also states the minimum / maximum withdrawal limit for each transaction. The indicated limits involve the withdrawal of a particular digital currency for a transaction. Also, the maximum withdrawal limit isn’t necessarily equal to your daily limit. Your daily limit 24 hours can be increased and if you require a larger daily limit you should submit a support to the exchange.

Gate.io is safe?
The exchange uses both cold storage and hot wallets to store money and is not currently hacked. Gate.io also offers two-factor authentication, SMS notification and KYC verification.

Client accounts are secured using two-factor authentication and a combination of user login passwords, allowing users to log in to their Gate.io accounts and the user’s funds password, providing Grants access to withdrawals and transactions. When registering for exchange, users should:

Set a strong login password and a fund password.
Check the Bind IP box to login.
Allows for two-factor authentication for your account.
Secure the email associated with your Gate.io account with strong passwords and two-factor authentication.
Gate.io also uses a hierarchical verification system for higher deposit accounts. For any withdrawals stuck in the status verification, it is necessary to go through the KYC2 stage.

To do KYC verification, you can access your account, then click Wallet> KYC to upload the required photo card and information.

After the end of KYC1, you can continue to go through KYC2 and after completing KYC2 verification, your withdrawal will be processed immediately.

Gate.io is a relatively new cryptocurrency exchange,

The team behind Gate.io is also a mystery. As a result, it may not be advisable to keep any assets on an exchange or make large transactions on the platform.


A wide range of currencies
Low fee structure
Simple registration process
Functional platform with a mobile application available

A new company with a limited history
The team is not transparent
No fiat currency transfers
register here










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